Pat Long, Darcy & Kent Beirne(Hour 1a, b, c & Hour 2a) Alderman & State Rep. Pat Long joined us with parents Kent and Darcy Beirne.  The Beirne’s have taken issue with Central High School Football Coach Ryan Ray for cutting their son Mark from the team.  They dispute the coach’s claims that their son was a “disruptive cancer” in the locker room and had to be disciplined on at least twelve different occasions.  The Coach’s story for cutting Mark changed at a meeting on August 26th.  What were the real reasons for the Varsity football player getting cut?

(Hour 1a, b, c) 12-02-2013 Hour 1a, b, c

Rich and DJ Dave discuss the case against the Central Football coach.

(Hour 2a) 12-02-2013 Hour 2a

Jeff from Manchester shared his thoughts in a great phone call.

(Hour 2d) 12-02-2013 Hour 2d