Anyone who doubts that Common Core contains comprehensive data mining should pay attention to this email forwarded to Girard at Large by people on the front lines of the fight in New York State.

Things in New York have turned into a bare-knuckled brawl.  The most acute attention is being focused on the data mining with inBloom.  The NYS Education Department has already uploaded most of every NY students’ 400 data points to inBloom (without parental consent) and the only data they haven’t uploaded are the student names to attach to the data – which they plan on doing January 15.  There is a court appearance scheduled for January 10 and we are all praying that the judge places an injunction on this.

Our groups have also been lobbying the Assembly members and the Senate.  I am meeting with our Senator tomorrow and support is quickly growing to stop Common Core, high stakes testing, and data-sharing, but……. you know how politics works.  The State of the State address is this Wednesday and Cuomo is now trying to divert attention away from education (he knows it is a weakness for him) and has “leaked” that he is going to legalize medical marijuana without going through the legislature.  He actually stated to a reporter that the Legislature cannot stop him (85% of New Yorkers are in favor of legalizing marijuana for medicinal use).  He is such an arrogant SOB.

We will win.  Keep up the fight.  Please keep me posted on your efforts.