Joyce Craig(Hour 2a, b) Ward 1 Alderman Joyce Craig is happy that we’re talking trash.  The cost of solid waste (… read more…) removal in Manchester is HUGE.  The recycling rates have pretty much leveled off, we’re out of blue totes and we need to determine which direction we want to go.  All items are on the table, and we discussed some of the possible solutions.  Mike from Manchester called in to ask when the “ridiculous” contracts of City Employees will be addressed to prevent the “nickel and diming” of taxpayers.  John from Hooksett called in to applaud Alderman Craig and ask three specific questions about the City Budget.  Read the Pay As You Throw Presentation for the Manchester Board of Aldermen.  Visit Recycle Manchester about Single Stream Recycling.

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02-04-2014 Hour 2a, b