JKL 2The NH Attorney General’s Office has issued its report on the complaints made by Alderman at-Large Joe Kelly Levasseur.  We’ve published the AG’s press release in its entirety below and have uploaded a copy of the complete report.  We will update this story as we interview various city officials to obtain reaction.  Of course, we’ll be discussing this tomorrow morning.

Released By:  Attorney General Joseph A. Foster

Subject:  Alderman Joseph Kelly Levasseur’s Allegations Against Manchester Police Chief David Mara and Manchester Police Officers Unfounded

Date: February 12, 2014

Contact:  Benjamin J. Agati, Assistant Attorney General

Attorney General Joseph A. Foster announces that the Department of Justice has completed its investigation into Alderman Joseph Kelly Levasseur’s allegations against Manchester Police Chief David Mara and Manchester police officers.

The following is an executive summary of the full report which is attached hereto.

Joseph Kelly Levasseur, an alderman-at-large in Manchester, the owner of Theo’s Restaurant on Elm Street in Manchester, and a member of the New Hampshire Bar, notified this Office and Manchester Police Chief David Mara that Manchester Police Officer Steven Maloney had poked him and placed his hands on him on the evening of January 15, 2013.  Throughout the investigation that followed, Levasseur made various other complaints about the Manchester Police Department, including an allegation that Chief Mara covered up an investigation into a Manchester Police officer’s actions at a December 18, 2012 Aldermen’s Meeting, an allegation that Chief Mara and Deputy Chief Willard intimidated him at his restaurant, and an allegation that members of the Manchester Police Department interfered with an assault investigation by the Hooksett Police Department pertaining to a Manchester officer.

As a result of Levasseur’s complaints, this Office promptly undertook an investigation in order to determine the validity of each of those claims, and if necessary, to determine the appropriate action to take against the wrongdoers.  Investigators interviewed over 15 witnesses, concluding most interviews by the first week of October, 2013.  Although Levasseur initially came to this Office to answer questions about his complaints, he avoided further attempts to interview him for over four months, effectively stalling the investigation until late January, 2014.

Once all of the interviews were concluded, and all the evidence collected, this Office concluded that there was no evidence to suggest that Officer Maloney or the Manchester Police Department committed any criminal act in any of the specific instances alleged by Levasseur.  On the contrary, all evidence suggested that Levasseur was untruthful in his claims that he was poked or touched by Officer Maloney on January 15, 2013.  Furthermore, the Manchester Police Department did not interfere with an ongoing assault investigation by the Hooksett Police Department.

This Office looked into whether Levasseur should be charged for filing a false report in reference to making the assault claim.  However, there was insufficient evidence that Levasseur acted with a criminal purpose to commit an act of False Report to Law Enforcement, pursuant to RSA 641:4.  Accordingly, the Attorney General’s Office is closing this investigation and ruling Levasseur’s complaints to be unfounded.