A bomb threat was called into The Middle School at Parkside approximately an hour ago.  All students and faculty have been evacuated, as a precautionary measure and all safely and patiently waiting the building to be cleared by New Hampshire State Police Bomb Squad.  All students and faculty are waiting at Gossler School.

It appears to be a hoax at this time, but due to the seriousness of any bomb threat, all precautionary measures are in place. Sgt. Richard Brennan is the commander on scene.  Some parents are calling and asking, so I wanted to get ahead of the story that is ongoing at this time.  It is believed to be cleared within the hour and all students will be able to return once it is deemed safe by NHSP.

UPDATE  FROM THE MPD AS OF 11:53 AM:  The kids are all safely back in school. NH SP checked out the entire school and determined it was safe for their return, Thanks you for assisting.