Long time Goffstown Budget Committee member Guy Caron penned this editorial offering his endorsements in the hotly contested races for selectman and planning board in the coming election.Support Georgantas, Hikel and Warden

Although a sizeable number of seats for elected positions this year are uncontested, there are two very important contests we must all pay very close attention to.GuyCaron

The first is a seat on the Board Of Selectmen.  I have had the honor and privilege of serving on the Budget Committee with Peter Georgantas over the last two years, and can wholeheartedly attest to his honesty, integrity and dedication to the best interests of the taxpayers of Goffstown.  Although a fiscal conservative, Peter also has the intuitive insight to understand how to balance the need for services in our town with the affordability of those services.  If elected, his knowledge, background and experience will serve our community well.

The second important race is for two seats on the Planning Board.  Incumbents John Hikel and Mark Warden are both cut from the same cloth as Mr. Georgantas.  Not only have they brought the planning board into the 21st century (finally!) over the last three years, but have helped make Goffstown much more attractive to businesses looking to locate here – all while mindful of the best interests of Goffstown residents and property owners.  Much misinformation has been written of late about these two incumbents, and I can attest from personal knowledge that none of it is even remotely accurate.  Don’t believe any of it.  Both these incumbent candidates are men of integrity, and both understand the need to increase our business tax revenue without compromising the interests of property owners in our community – both commercial and residential.  Bottom line?  Lower taxes for all of us.

Their challengers, however, both have proven track records that are diametrically opposed to those of John and Mark.  Just check their Planning Board voting records in years past.  Putting Jim Raymond and Philip D’Avanza back on the Planning Board would be akin to a return to the Stone Age.  And that means higher taxes.

I ask all Goffstown voters to join me in supporting Peter Georgantas for Selectman, and to re-elect John Hikel and Mark Warden to the Planning Board.  What’s in YOUR wallet?

Guy Caron



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