yvonne-preston(Hour 2a, Hour 3a) Our Scourge of Hooksett Host had to clarify that he doesn’t hate Hooksett, despite what some folks may have been led to believe.  The same can apparently not be said of all Hooksett residents in their opinion of Manchester.  Or us!  Former Hooksett resident Jeff from Pembroke called in to comment on the anti-Manchester sentiment that is apparently not new to the town (Hour 2a).  And what’s up with defeated School Board candidate Yvonne Preston’s dramatic e-mail demands of the Hooksett School Board on behalf of the Pro-Pinkerton only crowd?  Haven’t we had enough of the misrepresentations in Hooksett?    Read more in the On Air News Read

Here’s the March 6, 2014 segment Preston completely mischaracterized to attack this show and its host.

(Hour 2a) 03-17-2014 Hour 2a

(Hour 3a) 03-17-2014 Hour 3a