Sid Glassner(Hour 3b, c) We don’t call Sid Glassner a “Senior Fellow” for nothing.  He has over 55 years of experience in education.  Glassner invited us to an Education Forum coming he’ll be attending alongside Dr. Sandra Stotsky in Hollis, NH.  Efforts like these address concerns he shares with other experts on Common Core (and other “solutions”) offered by the NEA and the Department of Education.  Glassner did some Mythbusting on these mammoth organizations, their advocates and the big investors like Bill Gates.  “We’re being bamboozled on Common Core in teaching to a meaningless and flawed international test.”  Senior Fellow Sid advocates for a more personalized method of education that empowers teachers and encourages more parental involvement.  Glassner also addressed the issue of poverty in our schools.

03-20-2014 Hour 3b, c