CNHT Ed Naile(Hour 1c) Ed Naile and the Coalition of NH Taxpayers are just one of the “lost tribes” battling Voter Fraud.  Naile describes the united effort of non-profit organizations like his and the Voter Integrity Project of NC, founded by Jay Delaney and John Pizzo, to battle organized ballot thieves. Jay even referred Jim (James) Simpson, a writer for Breitbart, NewsMax, and Accuracy in Media, to speak about voter fraud in NH for his upcoming voter fraud articles and book.

Is our First in the Nation Primary the reason why the NH Secretary of State, NH Attorney General and traditional media outlets have turned a blind eye to the problem of Voter Fraud?  Naile thinks so and he explains how the problem became a BIG problem when same-day registration was enacted.  Is Motor Voter part of the solution?  And what’s up with expensive voter lists in NH that contain bogus information, like voters at 1200 Elm Street who were all born on January 1st?

For the record, we agree that the First in the Nation Primary is very important.  Fixing the Voter Fraud problem is very important, too. That’s why Ed would like to present Secretary of State William Gardner with the Articles of Agreement he obtained from the Kansas Secretary of State’s office. This way, NH can join the other 28 states and share information on double voters. Best part, cost to NH taxpayers…$0!

04-23-2014 Hour 1c