Lou D'Allesandro(Hour 2a, b) Expanded Gambling went down by a single vote yesterday at the NH State House.  The bill will be back before the House next week as a notice of reconsideration was given after the vote.

Expect opponents and proponents to “bring the rain” next week.  Our humble host explains how expanded gambling  is nothing more than an invitation for government to avoid responsibility.  Rich also agrees with Alderman Joe Kelly Levasseur on the harm these proposed casinos would do to businesses in Manchester and all over NH.

(Hour 2a) 05-01-2014 Hour 2a

Eric from Manchester called in to comment about gambling.  Rich ranted on the Sexual Discrimination bill that got referred to interim study yesterday.  A slippery slope to the violation of religious liberties?

Just ask Catholic Charities in MA.

Rich also had something to say about Speaker Norelli’s “Restored Integrity” in Concord comments and saluted the slow plodding process of deliberative, cautious government.  Read more in the On Air News Read

(Hour 2b) 05-01-2014 Hour 2b