CNHT Ed Naile(Hour 1c) Ed Naile, President of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers, called out more ballot thieves in “A Question of Voter Fraud.”

Naile told us the story of Katrina Lipinsky (who worked for Organizing for Action, Organizing for America, and  AmeriCorps), and Katrina’s friend Courtney Couillard (who worked for Senator Jeanne Shaheen and City Year), and Courtney’s friend Michael Owen (who also worked for Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Organizing for America), and Michael’s friend Jake Berry (who worked for Annie Kuster and reported for the Nashua Telegraph).  As they may be back for the next election, Ed will be tracking them, along with workers for campaign firms such as 270 Strategies, Hilltop Public Solutions and Dewey Square Group. These big fish were all caught in a clever net by folks at the Merrimack Republican Committee.

Naile is networking with organizations like the Merrimack Republicans to shine the light on Voter Fraud Networks.

Still waiting for an updated voter checklist from Manchester City Clerk Matthew Normand, as over 50% of the mailing was undeliverable.

What does Ed think about NH HB 466, legislation, sponsored by Patrick Long, that would make it easier for out-of-staters to vote in our elections by swearing to a statement?  Would demanding a pinky swear be voter oppression?

Ed also shares how NH voter fraud is finally getting national attention thanks to the article written by Jim (James) Simpson of Accuracy in Media, which resulted in a coalition with the Virginia Voters Alliance. Vote stealers beware!

05-21-2014 Hour 1c