Ed Naile(Hour 1c) Ed Naile of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers shared alarming news from VA.

It seems some 308,000 voters there also are registered elsewhere, according to an analysis of 11 state election records by the Virginia Voters Alliance.

Virginia Voter Registration Headache: 308,000 Also Registered in Other States

How is this allowed to happen?  Why does it take an independent, small group of volunteers to dig this up?  Isn’t that what we’re paying our Secretaries of State and Attorneys General to do?

Naile saluted the purging of Manchester’s voting list by City Clerk Matt Normand that dredged up some alarming fraud numbers in our own backyard.

What in the hell is Vice President Joe Biden’s niece Alana doing voting in NH elections when she isn’t even a resident of our state?  What can we do to put an end to it?  Massive Voter Fraud won NH for the Democrats in 2012

5-28-2014 Hour 1c