Sid Glassner(Hour 3b, c) Senior Fellow Sid Glassner offered to donate his free donut.  Our “wants to be eye candy” host declined.  The sidekick is still mulling over the offer.

Glassner cited the Fair Test website as a terrific resource for the resistance to high stakes testing.

Standards and testing are part of the discussions and debates on Common Core.  The way it all came down isn’t.

Glassner wants to talk about the propaganda and intrusion by the US Department of Education and the enormous amounts of money involved.  “Our children have been sold out.”

Has local control been sold out, too?

(Hour 3b) 06-05-2014 Hour 3b

Rich and Sid discussed the rational level of involvement on the local, state and national level that is crucial to our democracy.  Are political agendas inside the public school system a threat?

Glassner commented on the Granite State Organizing Project and the indoctrination of students.  Are our schools organizing instead of educating?

(Hour 3c) 06-05-2014 Hour 3c