Jim Gaudet(Hour 2b) Jim Gaudet gave us his take on a rogue coyote sighting in Hooksett.  A Hooksett police officer fired a warning shot?  Why not just put a bullet in the coyote instead?

Watch the report on WMUR-TV

We discussed open carry laws in NH.  Why do we need a permit for a concealed firearm but not for one we openly carry?

Gaudet described the “liberal gun laws” in Vermont and told us a story about William Loeb openly carrying two firearms on his daily trips to the bank.  When asked why he did, Loeb responded, “Because I can.”

From Jim’s point of view, we have a right to do it, but why advertise it?  He and Rich discussed “hard line” open carry groups.  Are they doing more harm than good?

Gaudet also commented on the Target chainstore decision to prohibit guns in their stores.  Watch the WMUR-TV report on Target’s anti-gun policy

Jim recommended the best way to handle a store or restaurant that doesn’t allow us to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights.

07-03-2014 Hour 2b