Jenni White(Hour 3b, c)

(Hour 3b) Jenni White is the President of Restore Oklahoma Public Education, an organization that recently scored a major victory against Common Core.

A housewife, farmer and former public school teacher, White stumbled over Common Core while researching Raise to the Top funding in Oklahoma.

She described the public relations crash course and their “all of the above” marketing campaign to “hit people on all fronts.”  R.O.P.E.’s message has resonated and the tide has turned.

(Hour 3c) White discussed the evolution of an OK State Legislature that went from being “duped” by Common Core architect David Coleman to taking a hardline stand against it.  Governor Mary Fallin recently signed a bill dumping the standards in favor of superior ones.

Has Common Core become a campaign issue in Oklahoma?  White says absolutely and it needs to stay that way.

White also addressed the threats of losing federal funds that turned out to be empty.  Recent comments by US DOE Secretary Arne Duncan suggest a retreat.  Are there lessons to be learned for NH from the battles in OK?