Ted Gatsas(Hour 3b, c)

(Hour 3b) Mayor Ted Gatsas gave us the latest on the City’s battle against the drug Spice, the new ordinance to ban it and efforts to keep it out of stores.

Gatsas discussed the enforcement of schoolhouse park curfews, keeping students safe and a calmer, quieter Bronstein Park (knock on wood).

Gatsas also addressed the drug bust at the Spider Bite tatoo parlor, votes (and revotes) on the teachers contract and “crazy stuff from crazy people” on his dealings with MEA President Ben Dick.

(Hour 3c) Mayor Gatsas had much to say about rundown, hazardous properties, Red X buildings targeted by the Manchester Fire Department and the problems with raising & renovating such properties.

Also, zoning changes proposed by the Lands & Buildings Committee for property on Hackett Hill Road.

Does Manchester really need MORE multi-unit housing?

Chapter 155-B: Hazardous and Dilapidated Buildings