Arthur & Donna Green

Arthur & Donna Green

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(Hour 1a) We’ve got MUCH to share on explosive new developments at the Timberlane Regional School District.

“Wasted representative” (according to Superintendent Earl Metzler) Donna Green is hitting back.  HARD!

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(Hour 2a) Hooksett SB member John Lyscars called in to applaud Donna Green and saluted her for demanding honesty in government.

Rich read the letter that Green’s attorney Richard Lehmann sent to Superintendent Earl Metzler.  To say that Lehmann and Green are throwing down the gauntlet on the Timberlane RSD is a SERIOUS understatement.  Click here for the Green Release and Letters.  Click here for Metzler’s wife’s contract.

(Hour 2b) Rich read the letter that Lehmann sent to Lt. William Baldwin of the Plaistow police department and reviewed the ridiculous details of the case.

What are the legal implications for Superintendent Metzler?  Lt. Baldwin?  The Timberlane Regional School Board?  The Budget Committee?