Anyone who has a history of working on elections in New Hampshire is aware of how corrupted by out of state, transient voters and special interests our once locally run elections have become.

Naile:  Launches Voter Integrity Project

Naile: Launches Voter Integrity Project

If you, as a NH citizen, would like to help return integrity to our elections here is how you can help. And it is not hard. It just takes some time.

You can be The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayer’s eyes and ears on Election Day November 4, 2014 and help prepare for the onslaught of out of state voters that will come in 2016 if we do nothing.

Here is an important part of what is wrong with this upcoming election. The example below is part of a memorandum sent to NH election officials recently:

“Thus if you find that the registration line is causing undue delays in voting, you may authorize election officials (including additionally appointed election officials), notaries and justices of the peace, to witness the signature. (If lines are long, it may be helpful if to assign election officials to go along the lines and determine whether or not people need assistance in getting the forms ready for the Supervisors.)

CAUTION: Under no circumstances should an applicant be turned away at the time and place of registration. Applicants who do not have documentation with them to establish their qualifications should not be told to go get such documentation. Rather, they must be given the opportunity to prove their eligibility by swearing to the Election Day registration form.”

REALLY, under no circumstances?

What you have is the NH Attorney General’s Office giving local officials instructions on how to deal with the thousands of same day registrants who will be showing up to vote in our election without any identification. Reassuring isn’t it?

Here is what you can do.

Be CNHT’s eyes and ears on Election Day and simply stand in the area set aside for the public at any polling place you feel comfortable with and observe what goes on. Bring a friend, a note pad, some coffee, snacks, etc. and keep track of anything out of the ordinary.

How can you do this effectively?

Here is a suggestion.

Stand with a local candidate, or candidates, who know the municipality. They won’t mind. Introduce yourself and tell them what you are doing. You need not talk to anyone, debate anyone, or get upset about anything, just observe and let us know what you see. The local candidates will know what is normal for that town or ward.

And how will you, as a novice, know what candidate to select? That is the easy part. Just go to and pick a candidate who signed the CNHT Taxpayer Protection Pledge and you are in good company.

You, as a NH citizen, can not stop non-residents from involving themselves in our elections. That, sadly, is the way it works in NH for now because the people who are in charge of our elections don’t seem to be worried about fraud but it seems they are more interested in herding people through lines.

But remember this.

When a non-resident votes in New Hampshire he is still bound by the various statutes in his home state and that is how we catch them. CNHT has a good track record at this and we work with voter integrity groups in other states. In fact, it is often easier to get an individual voter history from another state than it is here in NH. Vote thief Jared Steven Cram, a lawyer from Philadelphia who we caught voting in Pa. and Wilton is a prime example.

Once more, if you want clean elections in NH you will have to be part of the process.

Find a friendly candidate or observe at a location you know.

Be a quiet presence and don’t get upset when you see a problem, get details.

If anyone tries to intimidate you or prevent you from lawfully observing an election contact me at (603) 831-2031. I will be around all day.

After the election we will be tracking out of state voters who came and cast an illegal vote in our state, there is a three year statute of limitations on some vote fraud.  If you would like to be part of that process let us know.

Thank you

Ed Naile