Chief Willard:  Zero tolerance

Chief Willard: Zero tolerance

In an interview on the Girard at Large television show last night, Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard said the recent South Street shootings weren’t random acts of violence, rather they were an escalation of a dispute between two rival groups.  He said the department would not tolerate such violence and was aggressively speaking with people known to be associated with each group and beefing up their presence in the areas they’re known to operate.  He was confident the shooters would be in police custody before long.

Urban Violance Work Group

Urban Violance Work Group

Last year, the department launched the Urban Violence Working Group, a multi jurisdictional effort to address a growing gang problem in the city.  At the time, Police Chief David Mara announced the effort had been underway for several months and the department was making its operation public to further their efforts to tamp down on the rival gang activity.  With Willard and officials from state and federal law enforcement agencies by his side, Mara said the department was acting to prevent Manchester from becoming a city plagued by gang gun violence.  Willard, last night, said the Urban Violence Working Group was involved in the current efforts and that the department has zero tolerance for the gun violence.

Mooney:  New Dean of School

Mooney: New Dean of School

The Board of Trustees at The Founders Academy Public Charter School announced a new leadership team for the coming academic year.   Maureen Mooney was appointed Dean of School, replacing Thomas Frischknecht who stepped down as Executive Director to focus on his duties as Chairman of the Board and President of The Founders Academy Foundation.  Frischknecht will remain Chair of the Board of Trustees.  Mooney served as Dean of Faculty during its first academic year and taught N. H. History for grades 6-8.

The Founders Academy

Founders Academy: New leadership team announced

The new leadership includes Kimberly Lavallee, Greg Van Ewyk, Greg McKenzie, Maria Bechis, Debra Waite and Bridget Hyotte.  The Founders Academy is a free public charter school for grades 6-12 located at 5 Perimeter Road in Manchester. This fall, the school will offer grades 6-9.  The school’s mission focuses on the virtues of the Founding Fathers, leadership, character building, classical and challenging education in the core subjects and enrichment courses.   Established by the Founders Academy Foundation, the school offers the opportunity for each student to pursue mastery in their studies.  Although the school is public, there is an application and possible lottery process for admittance.  For more information or to schedule a tour, visit the founders academy dot org.

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City filing period to begin

City filing period to begin

The filing period for elected offices in the city of Manchester opens this Monday the thirteenth and closes on Friday the twenty fourth.  Every elected office from ward selectman to mayor is open and it’s expected to be an interesting election.  We’ll share what we know during this morning’s show.

Gov. Gilmore:  Will attend CNHT picnic

Gov. Gilmore: Will attend CNHT picnic

The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers Annual Picnic is tomorrow from Noon to Three at the American Legion Hall Post Fifty Nine in Hillsboro.  The annual gathering has been a fixture on the state’s political scene, featuring  non-partisan, conservative advocacy groups, candidates for office and some good ol’ fashion barbecue.  Yes, there will be speechifying, highlighted by presidential hopefuls Carly Fiorina and former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore.

Hosting annual picnic

Hosting annual picnic

Several campaigns are expected to have a presence given the annual straw poll, which captures eyeballs from across the nation.  All available details and tickets can be obtained online at c n h t dot org.  Tickets will also be available at the door and I personally hope to see you there as I have the distinct honor and pleasure of being the event’s master of ceremonies.

Bosniak logo

ABNH: Remembering the murdered

The Association of Bosniaks of New Hampshire will be holding a March for Peace tomorrow in the Queen City in remembrance of the eight thousand three hundred seventy two men and boys who were slaughtered on July eleventh nineteen ninety five by Serbian forces.  The March steps off from Victory Park at nine A M and finishes at Derryfield Park.  Flags with each of the deceased’s names hand written on them will be planted as a memorial.  The official speaking program at Derryfiled begins at eleven fifteen and ends with a prayer at one.  For more information, please visit a b n h dot org.

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