(Hours 1a,2a,b) Jorge Mesa-TejadaRich told us about his interesting weekend.  He shared about time that he spent with his family.  He talked about multiple meetings in Hampstead and the work that he did reviewing the documents involved in the situation with Jorge Mesa-Tejada.  He talked about Superintendent Earl Metzler and his role in the situation.  He shared about why Jorge will not be on the show this morning as scheduled.


(Hour 2a) We stared the hour by taking a phone call from Harriet Cady, who wanted to share her opinion of how this situation is being handled.  He talked to Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers and Anchor of A Question of Voter Fraud, about the situation as well.  They talked about Superintendent Metzler’s poor handling of this issue and misuse of power.  They then took a call from retired police officer and Anchor of Public Safety This Week Jim Gaudet, who wanted to comment on the No Trespass order.

(Hour 2b) We continued with Ed Naile for another segment.  He and Rich speculated about the potential visibility of this issue.  They talked about what Jorge said and moves that Superintendent Metzler made against him.  They read a message from someone within Hampstead, who has strong feelings about the issue.  They made comparisons to a similar issue that occurred in the past.

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