(Hours 1a,b,c) Rich opened this morning’s show by talking about Stewart Taylor Jr. and the rest of the show schedule.  He also informed the listeners that Manchester School District Superintendent Bolgen Vargas made his initial recommendation to the Manchester School Board, which included an important change to Leslie Want’s redistricting plan.  He then changed gears and commented on President Donald Trump’s decision to drop an airstrike on Syria.  He took a call from Dave in Bedford, who debated with him about the use of controversial methods in combating terrorist activity.  Tune in to get the details!


(Hour 1b) Rich talked about why he doesn’t think that the United States should be the “world’s police.”  He wondered about the support of countries who do not align themselves with our interests and told the listeners about President Thomas Jefferson’s motive in starting the Navy.  Finally, he established his thoughts concerning the purpose of our policy in dealing with other nations.  


(Hour 1c) As Rich continued in the topic he addressed Dave’s comments about the use of torturous methods to get information out of enemy combatants.  He talked about the message that it sends to the world when the country is not willing to stand up for herself and shared his thoughts on the provisions that terrorists are expected to receive.  Finally, he pointed out the state of countries around the world who have accepted large amounts of migrants and defined what an American is.