Tag: HB323

HB 323 and local control

(Hour 2a) Does the current wording of House Bill 323 strip parents of the right to opt out of the Smarter Balanced Testing program?  This archive explores the mechanics of this piece of legislation, and what it means, to parents...

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House Bill 403 and Griffins Law

(Hour 3a) NH Right to Life president Jane Cormier called in this morning to urge her listeners to support House Bill 403, the so-called “Buffer zone” law.  She sites numerous examples of why this legislation is...

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Outrage in Timberlane!

(Hour 1a&b) We will be going to, and recording, the Manchester School Board meeting tonight.  It will be a noteworthy one, and we invite you to listen in at girardatlarge.com or 90.7 WLMW.  This is not something that you...

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