Tag: Hillsborough County

Crime and Punishment

(Hour 1b) As Rich awaited the arrival of Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard, he spoke about crime and punishment.  He wondered about the repercussions for Jerry Newton from Hillsboro, who allegedly stole three hundred...

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The Governor’s budget veto

(Hour 1b) This segment, although planned to be about the Timberlane Regional School Board pivoted into the direction of the drug court. Leadership in the Republican Party has not handled the Governor’s veto of the budget...

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We are LIVE

(Hour 1a) Rich started off the show explaining why we didn’t go out over the air yesterday morning and what will happen during today’s show.  He also brought up the drug court  issue that will be relevant later....

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Drug Court – It works!

(Hour 2a) This archive discusses the merits of a drug court as opposed to the traditional incarceration of offenders. This system has been in existence for approximately twenty years, and there is ample evidence of it’s...

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