When: Tuesday mornings at  8:40

Anchor:  Ron Peik

Sponsor:  Alpine Environment

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In Fix it Right, Fix it Now, we’ll take your calls about those pending home improvement projects and will share his expertise on when to repair or improve your home and how to do it effectively, efficiently and in environmentally friendly fashion to ensure you protect your family, your wallet and your property’s value.  From the antique, to the historic, to the more modern, Ron’s experience covers the gamut and you get to tap into it ONLY on Girard at Large!



About Ron Peik:

Ron is President of Alpine Environmental and has been featured on This Old House on four occasions, including two appearances on Ask this Old House.  A graduate of University of Lowell with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, Ron spent two years working as an engineer for the Air Force before starting Alpine Environmental with his father, Ed Peik, in 1991. Ron is President of the nationwide industry group Lead and Environmental Hazards Association, Council-certified by the ACAC for Microbial Remediation and a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association. His dedication and professionalism have earned him a great deal of respect in the contracting world. Outside of Alpine, Ron enjoys boating, camping, sports, and other activities with his wife and their five children.