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Anchor:  Sid Glassner, Senior Fellow of the New England Society for the Study of Education

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Sid Glassner

“Is Our Children Learning?”

“Is Our Children Learning?” (yes, the phraseology is intentionally playing off one of a recent President’s more famous verbal gaffes) explores the state of our public educational system (aka “government schools”) in the Manchester area, New Hampshire, the United States and around the world.  In this segment, we examine concepts and topics such as Common Core, progressivism, religion in our schools, the social role of males and females and much more, assessments, curriculum, parental influence and involvement, the affect of socio economic demographics, charter schools, school choice, local control and OOOHHH sooo much more.  It’s a one of a kind examination and discussion of the issues battering public education today and it’s ONLY on Girard at Large!

Inside Education:

This show is “Sid unleashed” on matters of public education!  Anchor of the Girard at Large “Is Our Children Learning?” segment, Glassner chooses the topics, picks the guests and sets the tone for this interactive, informative and lively hour focused on the opportunities and obstacles facing public education.

This show is the “Myth Busters” of public schools, focused on bringing the truth about what’s really happening to dialogue to empower parents, teachers and elected officials to take on a wayward, politicized bureaucratic educational establishment that all too often doesn’t ask “how will it benefit kids?” before doing something.

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About Sid Glassner

During the past 56 years as a professional educator Sid has held a wide variety of positions including that of a teacher, a graduate school professor of teacher education, a school principal, a writer and creator of award winning educational materials and over a hundred professional and general media articles about education, a founder and publisher of a professional journal in reading called, d”Teaching and Learning Literature (TALL), a senior fellow at an education think-tank and for twelve years a school board member of a high school.  He is a highly committed advocate of public education.

His writings have received national recognition.  His pioneering work on minority groups, done during the 1960s, was reviewed by Scholastic Teacher as “the most provocative teaching aid of the year.”  He wrote the first book on economics for middle school students and his films on the Fundamentals of Economics received the Freedom Foundation Honor Certificate Award.  His professional journal TALL was founded on furthering the practice of personalized literature-based reading. A professor/reviewer from National Louis University called TALL “the Rolls Royce of the field.”  For the past year he has been the education anchor for the Girard-At-Large radio show.

In May of 2013 he was honored at Temple University as the recipient of the Helen Oakes Citizen Service to Education Award at which he delivered the Helen Oakes Lecture.