When: Fridays mornings at 6:40

Anchor: Shelley Greenglass, Executive Director of the Manchester Animal Shelter

Sponsor:  Soil Away Cleaning and Restoration Systems

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In Pet Sense, Shelley Greenglass gives us the latest tips on taking care of our pets, making sure they live safe, healthy and playful lives.  We get exclusive information on new animals up for adoption.  This segment is also really funny because the show host grew up allergic to everything with fur or feathers, so he’s kind a clueless about this stuff and the callers are priceless!  This segment is a must-listen-to for everyone from the any animal lover to the animal curious!

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Shelley Greenglass has been with the Manchester Animal Shelter for 9 years.  She has been in the animal industry for over 25 years and has a degree in Animal Behavior and Science.  Shelley came to the shelter with the background of working as an Animal Control Officer and NH Equine Abuse investigator.  She also managed one of the largest boarding and training kennels in MA which also specialized in training Police K9 protection and narcotic dogs from all over the United States and Europe.  Once she moved to NH, she then managed for several years a boarding, training, grooming and daycare facility.

She is founder and Past President of Weare Animal Guardians (WAG) a non- profit organization to help stray animals.  Shelley also has her certification in Red Cross Animal First Aid and is also certified Technician 2 with the American Boarding Kennels Association.

At home, she has 4 German Shepherds, 1 cow and a horse.  Her dog Jule is a certified therapy dog, canine good citizen, Temperament tested certified (TA) and Schutzhund 2.  Shelley and Jule make many appearances a year to schools to educate children on animal care and also are very pleased to be involved in the “Reading to dogs” program.