Kimberly Morin

Kimberly Morin

When:  Monday mornings at 8:20

Anchor:  Kimberly Morin

Sponsor: TBA

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Kimberly Morin gives us the inside scoop on what’s happening under the state house dome in New Hampshire.  A legislature that has 424 members needs watchdogs like Kimberly to let us know what they’re up to so we can support or stop what’s happening.  Kimberly’s an independent followed by more than 20,000 people on Twitter (@conservativeind) and is well known in NH political circles.  When she speaks, people listen.

About Kimberly Morin

As a lifelong ‘Independent’, Kimberly Morin’s political enlightenment didn’t begin until the end of 2008.  She began researching history and legislation at the national and local levels.  Kimberly began writing in 2009 and currently writes for Examiner as the Manchester Political Buzz.  Her goal is to inform others of what is really going on in Concord and in D.C.