When:  Wednesday mornings at 6:40

Anchor:  Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of  NH Taxpayers

Sponsor:  TBA

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Ed Naile

Ed Naile

Ed Naile has been investigating voter fraud in New Hampshire for almost fifteen years and what he’s discovered can only be described as unbelievable.  Each week, Ed shares the identities of non-NH residents who not only wrongly vote in the Granite State, they sometimes also vote in others in the same election!  Find out how they’re discovered and what is done to expose their shenanigans not only here in New Hampshire, but also in the states in which they either live for real or also vote improperly.

Since the NH Attorney General isn’t prosecuting voter fraud, Ed’s goal is actually to  intimidate non residents who want to vote in NH, a battleground state, and maybe even see if he can get the NH AG to prosecute him for doing it!  He says the real fun will begin then.  This segment might blow your mind.  It might make you see red.  It might even motivate you to join the fight that we hope will clean up New Hampshire’s elections.  Have no doubt.  If nothing else, it will teach you what’s going on so you can ask your elected officials and candidates what they’ll do to stop systematic and exploding voter fraud in NH.  This segment is a MUST LISTEN!