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Anchor:  James Patrick Riley

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In The History Segment, we take a fascinating look back at pre-Revolutionary New Hampshire.  One thing we’ve noticed is that many of the issues faced by the colonists at the time are very similar, if not identical, to the issues we face today as a society and nation.  What’s more is that because James Patrick Riley is a bona-fide historian with intimate knowledge of the period, we also learn about how these issues were perceived, debated and handled.  What could be better in this time where the people of the United States of America, a people James Madison said needed to be educated and moral to make the Constitution drafted by him and ratified by our founding colonies, are largely ignorant of our history, heritage and founding principles?

Also, from time to time, we feature local historic associations, societies, museums, events, activities and restorers.  We’re always happy to feature those who locally are doing the heroic work of historic preservation, education and OOOHHH sooo much more!

About James Patrick Riley:

James Patrick Riley

James Patrick Riley

James Riley is the owner/operator of Riley’s Farm in Oak Glen, California and the creator of “Courage, New Hampshire,” a television drama seen on PBS stations across the country. The father of six children, Riley performs “Patrick Henry” and supervises a living history program visited by hundreds of thousands of school children. He holds a degree in history from Stanford University.

Publisher’s note:  Courage, New Hampshire has aired in several PBS market in the country and on INSP, the Inspiration Network but it hasn’t aired specifically in New England. let alone in New Hampshire.  Help us persuade New Hampshire Public TV to step up and air the series that tells the fascinating tale of pre-Revolutionary New Hampshire.  We can’t for the life of us figure out why they’ve not aired the show.  Who knows, maybe it’s too politically incorrect to tell tales of your home state’s days gone by!  Click here and politely ask they air the show!  Thank you!