Avard to Hooksett:  Leave if you don't like it.

Avard to Hooksett: Leave if you don’t like it.

Manchester Ward Ten School Board Member John Avard, in response to a Facebook message posted by Hooksett School Board Member John Lyscars, said he would consider a guarantee allowing Hooksett students who start in Manchester schools to finish in Manchester schools if Hooksett was willing to pay four years of tuition for every kid that starts in Manchester regardless of whether they finish in Manchester.  In response to comments I posted under the thread, Avard said Hooksett “created the current situation and now wants a lopsided agreement.”  Said Avard, “If Hooksett is unhappy with the requirement, then they can go elsewhere.”  He said he knew of other Manchester school board members who felt similarly about requiring Hooksett to guarantee it will pay all four years for a kid who doesn’t attend all four years.  


Sullivan:  Wheres their head at?

Sullivan: Wheres their head at?

In response to our inquiry, Hooksett School Board member James Sullivan, who is considered by most to be Manchester’s strongest advocate on the board, called such demands “nonsense.”  Quote “…the nonsense of paying 4 years if a student transfers to another school is foolish.  What are they thinking?  Are they concerned that Manchester is not all its cracked up to be or as good as they say?  If Manchester is a good place to educate , why would they ask for a 4 year guarantee?   No child would want to leave.   Should I as a Hooksett School Board member have more confidence in Manchester and its teachers and staff than the Manchester school board members?”  End quote.  Sullivan, who defeated incumbent Hookett School Board Chair Trisha Korkosz in a landslide last March, expressed concern that Manchester may be looking to vent its frustrations with the past board on this one and he didn’t think that would help the two communities move in a more positive direction.

MPD:  Will be out in force on schools opening day

MPD: Will be out in force on schools opening day

Manchester Police Department command staff, officers and detectives will be present at and patrolling Manchester’s middle and high schools as they open on September third.  All police personnel will be available to answer questions about the M P D School Resource Officer Program and will have hand outs with all resource officer contact information.  The department says it is dedicated to working with the Manchester school district, school administrators and staff as well as parents and students to ensure a successful and safe school year for all students.  In response to our questions, police say they will be enforcing traffic regulations around Central High to prevent unsafe and illegal drop off activity on Beech and Maple streets.

Derry to hold forum with Town Administrator finalists

Derry to hold forum with Town Administrator finalists

The Derry Town Council has announced a public forum to meet, greet and question the finalists who’ve applied to become the town’s administrator.  It will be this Thursday evening, September fourth from six to nine in the third floor meeting room of the town’s Municipal Complex.

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Brown:  Pull citizen ship from those who fight with terrorists.

Brown: Pull citizenship from those who fight with terrorists.

There’s a bit of a dust up between G O P senate candidates Scott Brown and Jim Rubens over how to deal with American citizens who join terrorist groups.  Brown says they’ve left their citizenship and the rights that come with it at the door and should have it stripped away.  Rubens, not so much.  In light of intelligence reports saying as many as three hundred Americans are fighting for ISIS, Brown called on Congress to pass legislation that would strip them of their citizenship.  In two thousand ten, Brown introduced the Terrorist Expatriation Act, along with Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, to  revoke the citizenship of those “providing material support or resources to a Foreign Terrorist Organization” or “actively engaging” in “hostilities against the United States or its allie

Rubens:  Says Browns proposal jeopardizes civil liberties.

Rubens: Says Brown’s proposal jeopardizes civil liberties.

s.”  In 2011, he introduced another similar piece of legislation called the Enemy Expatriation Act.   Brown seems concerned that these American terrorists may decided to come home and exercise their rights as citizens to spread terror on American soil.  

Rubens said the country needs to do everything it can to protect itself from the terror treat posed by ISIS and others, but also said it must be careful not to strip away personal liberties in the process, which he said Brown’s proposals would do.  Rubens said  Brown’s proposals violated the Constitution because of the vague definition of “engaging in hostilities against America or its allies” which could be broad enough to include donating books to a school in Afghanistan.  He called Brown’s proposal “a reaction based on fear rather than smart counter terrorism policy” and said this proposal would have unintended consequences, like the Patriot Act Brown voted for, which Rubens says has “allowed the government to spy on our e-mails and phone conversations and has done nothing to reduce the threat of terrorism.”  Rubens will be our guest tomorrow morning here on Girard at Large

Bow Police:  Asking parents to discuss Spice with kids

Bow Police: Asking parents to discuss Spice with kids

The Bow Police Department has issued an alert regarding the use of Spice or related drugs.  Referencing the governor’s State of Emergency and the overdoses in Manchester, the department is encouraging parents to talk with their children about this growing problem, saying it’s bigger then people think and not isolated to urban areas.  They’re also asking the public to report any store it sees selling the now banned substances to police.  Residents of Bow may contact them at 2 2 8 0 5 1 1 if they have any questions.  No doubt, your local police department would welcome your questions if you live outside of Bow.


Auburn Police warn of Phone Scams

Auburn Police warn of Phone Scams

The Auburn Police Department has issued a community alert regarding phone scams.  Auburn police say if you are contacted about winning a prize and it costs you money to get it, it’s a scam.  If the IRS calls threatening you with arrest unless you pay them money, it’s a scam.  They say to take down contact numbers whenever possible and make a report with your local police department or simply hang-up and remember never reveal any personal information to the caller.

Karen Osborne Dube:  Dec. 21, 1965 to Aug. 8, 2014.  RIP

Karen Osborne Dube: Dec. 21, 1965 to Aug. 8, 2014. RIP

Our condolences go out this morning to Ward Five Alderman Ed Osborne and his family and its friends.  The Osbornes lost their forty eight year old daughter Karen Osborne Dube on Thursday after a prolonged battle with breast cancer.  She will be laid to rest tomorrow and we’ve linked to an article with the details for those who wish to express their sympathies.

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