Couture:  Last seen at 8:30 AM on 7/21/15

Couture: Last seen at 8:30 AM on 7/21/15

Police in Londonderry are currently working in conjunction with other agencies in a search for a missing elderly female.  The missing woman is seventy two year old Paulette Couture of West Rd in Londonderry.

Couture was last seen walking back to her residence from a neighbor’s house at around eight thirty yesterday morning.  She routinely walks the trails along West Rd and the surrounding areas and does not suffer from any mental problems.

Couture is described as a fair skinned white female, 4’11”, 105 LBS, brown eyes, and short white hair.  She was last seen wearing a light blue tee shirt and capri pants.  Anyone with any information is urged to call the Londonderry Police Department at 4 3 2  1 1 1 8.  We’ve posted her picture with this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.  Publisher’s Note:  Couture has been found!  Details during tomorrow’s broadcast.

Noel:  In custody

Noel: In custody

The Londonderry Police Department also announced that Ryan Noel, who was wanted for the burglary of a home occupied by three children, has been taken into custody.  Noel was arrested last night just before 6 after being stopped by the Massachusetts State Police in conjunction with the Lawrence Police.  Noel will be arraigned this morning in Lawrence District Court on a Fugitive From Justice charge.  He is also wanted out of Lowell District Court and Ayer District Court.  It is not known when he will return to New Hampshire to face the Burglary charge.

Dr. Gatter:  Negotiating "a price."

Dr. Gatter: Negotiating “a price,” discussing “less crunchy” abortion procedures

The Center for Medical Progress has released another video in which a senior Planned Parenthood official is caught discussing the sale of organs from aborted babies.  Dr. Mary Gatter, is recorded discussing the pricing of so called tissue donations, at one point saying she wanted to check with other clinics in California, where her offices are located, to see what they were getting paid to know whether or not she should negotiate a higher price.

She also discusses quote unquote “less crunchy” abortion techniques designed to cause less damage to the aborted child in order to prevent damage to the organs being sought, despite policies in place that say there will be no difference in how the patient is treated for those who choose to make a donation, a donation, by the way, women who go to have abortions are apparently asked if they want to make.

Paul:  Will move to eliminate PP funding

Paul: Will move to eliminate PP funding

This is the second such video to be released in the last week, feeding a firestorm of protest from Right to Life organizations demanding, with growing sympathy, that Planned Parenthood be stripped of its federal funding.  Kentucky Senator and G O P presidential candidate Rand Paul is leading that charge on Capitol Hill.

Cornerstone, NH Right to Life join nationwide rally effort

Cornerstone, NH Right to Life join nationwide rally effort

Locally, State Representative Frank Edelblut, Republican from Wilton, has called on Attorney General Joseph Foster and Governor Margaret Wood Hassan to investigate whether or not Planned Parenthood is engaged in the practice of selling aborted baby parts.  Cornerstone Action, a conservative, non-partisan political action committee and New Hampshire Right to Life are organizing a Women Betrayed Rally at the State House at High Noon on Tuesday, July twenty eighth to demand an investigation of local abortion clinics and the elimination of state and federal funds for Planned Parenthood.  It’s part of a national effort to demand action in light of the gruesome discussions captured on video.  Yes, we’ve linked to the second video from this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.

News from our own Backyard continues after this.

Stearns:  On medical leave

Stearns: On medical leave

The budget battle in Derry may have claimed another victim.  Town Administrator Galen Stearns has taken a medical leave of absence from the job he’s not held for all that long.  Nobody’s saying what the medical condition is, but the Public Works Director has taken the helm until the town council appoints an interim or acting town administrator.

Boyd:  "Thanked" Amherst for pipeline rerouting proposal

Boyd: “Thanked” Amherst for pipeline rerouting proposal

Troubles continue to mount for Kinder Morgan as it seeks to build a gas pipeline through several communities in our listening area.  The Merrimack School Board voted to oppose any pipeline proposal that comes within a thousand feet of school property.  That became an issue after the Amherst Board of Selectmen proposed an alternate route for the pipeline through their town to avoid going near school properties.  Seems that route puts the pipeline about five hundred feet from school property in Merrimack.  We’ve linked to our interview with Merrimack Town Councilor Bill Boyd on the topic.

Wozmak:  Woeful?

Wozmak: Woeful?

Just one day after meeting with Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard, and just hours after our unbelievable interview with Willard yesterday, New Hampshire’s Drug Czar Jack Wozmak released a twenty two point plan to combat opioid addiction in the state.  We’ve linked to the release with all the details from this news read.  Candidly, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot that we didn’t already know.  It calls for expanded availability of Narcan, educational efforts to raise awareness of the public and doctors, expansion of drug courts, treatment, rehab facilities and transitional housing.  Of course, it called for the reauthorization of Expanded Medicaid, among other things.

Crystal Lake:  Closed for E. coli

Crystal Lake: Closed for E. coli

If you’re going swimming today, don’t bother to go to Crystal Lake.  It was shut down yesterday by the city of Manchester Health Department for high levels of E. Coli.  It’ll be tested daily and reopened when levels return to normal.

Girard declares candidacy

Girard declares candidacy

Finally this morning, the wait is over.  Today, I, your your humble host, will go to City Hall and file my candidacy for School Board at-Large.  My thanks to all who offered their input, advice, encouragement and support along the way.  We now prepare to go “once more unto the breach!”

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is next