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Drug Use: Proper Roles and Penalties

(Hour 3a) Rich started by speaking about Mayor Ted Gatsas.  He spoke about the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and settled on the issue of drug use.  He wondered what the right and proper role concerning drug epidemic was.  She...

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The real cost of drugs

(Hour 2a) Rich, this morning, informed us that he is disparate.  Why is that?  It is due to the fact that the heroin addiction is so prevalent, and it is also because of the issue with Planned Parenthood.  This prompted our...

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Who is the drug czar?

(Hour 1b) This morning Rich discussed issues surrounding the drug czar.  The Concord Police Chief did not even know that he existed.  Rich took the time to discuss the drug czar, Jack Wozmack, and his background.  Tune in to...

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