MHT Teachers 2(Hour 3a, b, c)

(Hour 3a) There were many honest moments to report from last night’s School Board meeting in Manchester.

None of them could have been predicted by reading the agenda beforehand.

The Manchester teachers’ crusade for a new contract continues.  Complaints about a lack of respect for teachers continue to be heard.

Do they have any respect for the taxpayers who aren’t enjoying guaranteed yearly raises and the cushiest healthcare benefits in the entire state of NH?

Harriet Cady called in to call out Senator Jeanne Shaheen for her support of wrecking ball health care policies as Senator and Governor.

(Hour 3b) A funny thing happened to officials from Anthem BCBS.  They got publicly scolded by teachers and school board members alike.

How dare they report the facts!

Rich ranted against the MSD Hands Off Policy that doesn’t seem to take seriously principals being punched by students.

What should be done about unruly special ed kids?

Dave from Hooksett called in to comment.

(Hour 3c) Rich recommended a Zero Tolerance policy for kids that punch teachers.  Or jump off of buildings.

Perhaps we should consider a Zero Tolerance policy for the new Manchester Academic Standards (Common Core).  Kelley Tambouris’s complaints have not been refuted by officials at the MSD.

Tambouris: “It’s Time To Say No More!”

Assistant Superintendent David Ryan even admitted that the new assessment tests tests tests drive the curriculum.

It appears we are officially teaching to the test in Manchester.