Manchester School District(Hour 2a, b)

(Hour 2a) Rich shared the very disturbing news he received on the MSD expulsion case involving a South Sudanese refugee student who viciously assaulted a female student at Central High School.

Apparently the student and his parents speak the english language quite well.  If that’s the case, why did the Office for Civil Rights get involved on the grounds that the boy was denied a dinka interpreter?

Even more troubling: the student in question apparently has a history of menacing activity.  What’s going on in the Manchester School District?

(Hour 2b) We discussed kids who perhaps shouldn’t be in the Public School system.  For the sake of the kids who do.

Jack from Manchester called in to comment on a teacher’s right to defend him/herself.

Also, Manchester teachers on administrative leave, despite doing EXACTLY what the laws tell them to do.  OH MY HEAD!