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Keith Lacasse

Keith Lacasse

Chairman Keith Lacasse, of the Weare Board of Selectmen, joined us this morning, and spoke to us about their ongoing mission to figure out who to replace Chief John Velleca, who

retired late last year, as a response to a request from the Attorney General’s Office.  Finding a police chief is ongoing, says Keith.  Sean Kelley is acting as the interim chief.  The Weare Board of Selectmen did not initially think that Kelley could do it, because of his schedule, but they wanted him to come out of retirement to work with them.

The Weare Police Department is currently dealing with CALEA, or The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc.  Lacasse says that Sean Kelley has been leading them through the accreditation process, in addition to his regular work routine and his part time status.

Last week the Board of Selectmen met with a panel of citizens that was going to work with them to help narrow down candidates for police chief.  Will they make Kelley the permanent chief or will they look elsewhere?

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