Mayor Ted Gatsas(Hour 3b, c)

(Hour 3b) Mayor Ted Gatsas talked about the newest proposal for the Pearl Street Parking Lot.  He described the proposal as “very little meat & potatoes” and addressed considerable parking concerns that a dorm for college students would create.

Gatsas also discussed moving forward on the Manchester Academic Standards.  The final drafts are due in a day or two and they will be “visible for everybody to see (on the City’s website),” said the Mayor.

Rich debated the Mayor on the process and the end results.

(Hour 3c) Mayor Gatsas addressed the serious public health threat posed by the potpourri drug “Spice, ” the alarming number of overdoses and the City’s decision to revoke the licenses of three convenience stores that were selling it.

Gatsas also filled us in on his conversation with Governor Maggie Hassan just an hour before a State of Emergency was declared and Hassan ordered it off of NH store shelves.  How widespread is the “Spice” problem?