(Hour 1a&b)

Singer: What a bargain and all for a good cause!

This segment invites our listeners to place a bid for 4 Nickelback tickets, donated by Steve Singer.  The concert will be held on July 21, at the Verizon Center in Manchester.

The Singer Family, through direct involvement with a number of charitable events and organizations, as well as their Singer Family Foundation has a long history of giving back to the community.  We learned about some of those efforts today and OOOHHH sooo much more thanks to Stephen’s early morning appearance.

We urge our listeners to hear the entire interview and become part of the fun.

NOTE:  Click here for the details of the special Girard at Large offer Stephen made to our audience to help raise funds for efforts that visit the sick and elderly in their home!

(Part 1)  Rich shares the details of this unique opportunity for the Girard at Large audience to reward itself while helping local charities.

(Part 2)  Steve Singer joins the discussion to promote this unique Girard at Large offer, give details of the Gail Singer Blood Drive, the largest one day blood drive in the United States and share how his upbringing lead him to the many philanthropic works that he hopes will be his legacy.