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The Mayor on city issues

(Hours 3b&c) This morning Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas joined us.  Topics spoken about include: Wounded Warrior Softball Tournament Twenty two point plan to combat substance abuse Drug court (Hour 3c)  In this segment Rich...

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You Bet People Listen To Local Radio!

(Hour 2a)  Rich correctly identifies the power and utility of local radio.  Our humble host, in this archive offers examples to our listeners of the ongoing need local content offers. From reporting on charitable events in our...

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Casinos down in flames!

(Hour 1b)  Rich talks about Senate Bill 113.  He informs us that the bill was not even close to passing.  Does government need an examination of conscience?  Rich sure thinks so. “You only get innovation from government...

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Casino and prison growth in NH

(Hour 2a) “Should the state of NH expand gambling?” Rich asks, as hour two of his show begins.  How much of the revenue that is made from a casino actually stay and make a positive impact in NH?  The casino issue...

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