(Hours 1c,2a,b) Manchester Police Chief Nick WillardWe were joined by Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard this morning for Public Safety This Week.  He and Rich began the segment by talking about the new parking system for snow storms.  They then discussed the Chief’s time in Washington, Denise Roberts, new hires and more.

(Hour 2a) Rich continued with Chief Nick Willard.  They started by discussing the murder of three week old Eleoaine Sanchez.  They talked about a visit from Donald Trump and criticism received from Bernie Sanders.  They talked about minority-committed crime and biases in Government against the Police Department from within our state.

(Hour 2b) The Chief talked to us about gun control in the light of San Bernadino.  They spoke about a recent crackdown at the Verizon Wireless Arena.  They debated over gun-free zones and took a call from Web Savvy anchor Jon DiPietro.