Gilford NH(Hour 1a, b, c) We paid homage to Ed McMahon and Johnny Carson (and their many, many wives).  Our humble host is also making changes in his household after reading “Never Feel Old Again” by Raymond Francis, an MIT chemist we had on the show on last week.

Francis: Never Feel Old or Fear Cancer Again

(Hour 1a) 05-05-2014 Hour 1a

Add Gilford High to the list of School Districts that have torpedoed parents’ Right to Know before R-Rated books and surveys get handed out to their kids.  We’ve reported on very similar stories in Bedford and at Timberlane.  A controversial book about a high school shooting is appropriate?   Why are school administrators bypassing parental consent?

(Hour 1b) 05-05-2014 Hour 1b

We failed to hook up with our scheduled guest Bill Baer, an angry parent from Gilford, but that didn’t sidetrack our host.  Isn’t it high time for school officials be held accountable for not contacting parents BEFORE this sort of controversial material is distributed to students?

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(Hour 1c) 05-05-2014 Hour 1c