Arthur & Donna Green

School Board Member Donna Green and her Budget Committee Member husband Arthur

(Hour 2b, 3a)

(Hour 2b) Rich read a few of the questionable questions on a survey for parents by Timberlane Regional School District Superintendent Earl F. Metzler.  What is Metzler up to?

We have an idea what he’s up to in his dealings with Timberlane School Board member Donna Green.  Is a not-so-impartial Plaistow police officer employing intimidation tactics, too?

Click here for the information we referenced in Donna Green’s blog.

(Hour 3a) “Wasted representation,” are words chosen by Dr. Earl Metzler to describe SB member Donna Green.  The same Donna Green who was recently nominated as Sandown’s Citizen of the Year!

It all stems back to Green investigating budget shortfall of almost $1 million in funds returned to by the NH Municipal Association.  Did the money already get spent without School Board approval?

Green has been barred from entering the SAU 55 office (unless given permission first by Dr. Metzler) by SB Chairman Nancy Steenson after a recent “incident” involving Green and an office employee.  Accused of harassment, Green has asked for the security video of the incident to be released to clear her name.

Lt. William Baldwin of the Plaistow Police Dept is investigating the incident, but he is not responding to Green’s email requests to have the video released.

What’s the deal?  Would it have anything to do with Baldwin also being the former Chairman of the Timberlane Regional School Board?  Isn’t this kind of kooky stuff only supposed to happen south of the border?