Because we are releasing this information as soon as possible given the very short window the Manchester School District has provided for the public to review the Smarter Balanced Assessment results prior to tonight’s special meeting of the Board of School Committee, we have not conducted a thorough review.  We can however say the city’s scores are below dismal and very well might account for why the district did nothing to provide them in advance of the state’s release date and is only divulging them now, on extremely short notice to the public.

For the record, it took three requests to obtain this information, which sources say was released to the school board yesterday morning, despoite our being told it wouldn’t be released until this morning because it was “still being worked on” when we requested it Tuesday (the second request) and that the holiday would prevent it’s release until today.

Clearly, the district either doesn’t get or doesn’t want to get transparency and disclosure.  ~Publis

2015-11-12 SBAC Test Results Presentation