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Goffstown New Hampshire: The Basics


The town was first granted as “Narragansett No. 4” in 1734 by Colonial Governor Jonathan Belcher of Massachusetts, which then held authority over New Hampshire. It was one of seven townships intended for soldiers (or their heirs) who had fought in the “Narragansett War” of 1675, also known as King Philip’s War. In 1735, however, some grantees “found it so poor and barren as to be altogether incapable of making settlements,” and were instead granted a tract in Greenwich, Massachusetts.

( Source Wikipedia )

Goffstown New Hampshire: City and Government Links

Detailed City Profile
Anything you could want to know and more
The official web site for the city of Goffstown, NH covering all local government news and information.
The Goffstown, New Hampshire Police Department website.
The Goffstown, NH Fire Department Website.
Welcome to the
Goffstown School District website!