Ward 10 Alderman

Incumbent Phil Greazzo


candidate-phil-greazzoPhil Greazzo has taken every cheap shot and has had every kitchen sink thrown at him by his opposition in past election efforts. But he keeps focused on the issues and on serving the residents of Ward 10. This election cycle has been no different. A freshman on the Board of Alderman, Greazzo has been called just about every name in the book and even been “accused” of being from Arizona. Of course, he did move here from there 15 years ago, but to be accused of it is rather odd, don’t you think?


Nonetheless, he continues to focus on the needs of Ward 10 and talk about the issues facing the city; issues like the huge increase in spending coming next year, the negotiation of union contracts, stemming the tide of refugee resettlement into the city and lightening the regulatory burden for businesses. Despite the mud that’s been thrown his way, mud that his opponent, Jane Beaulieu, seems content to see thrown, Greazzo has stayed above the fray talking about solutions, not avoiding or obfuscating the issues.


If any member of that board deserves reelection, it’s Phil Greazzo.