2011 NHPIRG Dangerous Holiday Toys

Be merry … but be safe!

btn-pdf-download 2011 NHPIRG Dangerous Holidays Toys

For more information, you can view New Hampshire Public Interest Research Group’s full report at http://www.nhpirg.org/home/reports/trouble-in-toyland

Download the PDF file of the report

Listen to 11-29-2011 Girard at Large interview with Advocate Addie Shankle
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Lead Warning: The following toys have an amount of lead that exceeds the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendation.

Hello Kitty – Eyeshadow & Mirror Key-chain Disney Fairies – Garden Party LCD Watch Little Hands Love – A Tiny Handsies Touch and Feel Book (children’s book)
hello-kitty-thm disney-farie-thm little-hands-thm

Toxic Chemical Warning: The following toys contain levels of phthalates that exceed the limits allowed by the CPSIA.

Funny Glasses Child’s Sleep Mask
funny-nose-thm kids-sleep-thm

Ear-Damage Warning: If you already have one of these toys, you can muffle the sound by placing a piece of tape over the speaker.

Elmo’s World – Talking Cell Phone Hot Wheels – Super Stunt Rat Bomb
fisher-price-1-thm hot-wheels-thm

Choking Hazard: If you are unsure whether a specific toy is a choking hazard, then give the toy the toilet paper roll test. If the toy fits through the roll, then it is a choking hazard.

Little Dinosaurs