The City’s curbside recycling contractor, Pinard Waste Systems, has begun the distribution of blue recycling carts to all city residents who are currently recycling. These carts will be used for our new curbside single stream recycling program.

Cart distribution will occur between April 4th and April 27th, and the first curbside collection utilizing the new cart will begin during the week of April 30th. Residents should continue with their dual stream recycling until the week of April 30th.

What do I do with my old bins once single stream collection begins? If you want to keep your bins, you may do so but if you do not want them, please leave them out on the curb after your collection the week of April 23rd. We will have crews out picking them up.

What is single stream recycling? Single stream recycling means all recyclables can be placed together in the blue cart. You no longer need to sort your materials!

We anticipate this new program will be more than double our current recycling rate. Residents who do not receive a blue cart by April 27th and want to recycle should either call the Recycling Hotline at 603-413-6799 or go to our website at to sign up to have a free cart delivered.