Posted August 2, 2012 @ 2:15 PM

Girard at Large has filed a Right to Know request with the New Boston School Board to obtain the 130 comments given by parents of school children surveyed by the town.  Girard at Large has been told by reliable sources that the New Boston School Board Chairman Kevin Collimore has provided the survey comments to Goffstown Superintendent Stacy Buckley and Goffstown School Board Chairman Phil Pancoast.  We will, of course, update you with any replies we receive.


——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Attn.: Chairman Kevin Collimore


Date: Tue, July 31, 2012 6:02 pm



Chairman Collimore.


I am in possession of the results of the New Boston Community Survey Results and the Survey Summary.  In reviewing this material, I’ve noticed there was a comment section where it seems that 130 respondents provided comments.  I’ve also failed to find the comments.


In researching this matter, I’ve been told that you have released these comments to Goffstown School Board Chair Phil Pancoast and SAU 19 Superintendent Stacy Buckley.  I’ve also been told that you’ve declined to release this information to members of the AREA board.  If any of this is true, I find it curious.


Because I have been reporting on the discord present at Mountain View Middle School, and because your survey results hardly present a glowing review of MVMS, I am most interested to review these comments.  Moreover, I believe that, because the surveys were approved by the New Boston School Board and paid for with public funds, the results, including the comments are subject to New Hampshire’s Right to Know Law, RSA 91-A.


Therefore, I respectfully request that you provide these comments at your earliest possible opportunity.  Please note:  While you and your board may be concerned for the privacy of the respondents, a concern I respect and understand, this request is simply for the comments themselves.  I am uninterested in knowing the names, addresses or other personally identifying information of those who saw fit to provide them.


Please know this is a serious request on a serious topic that we have covered extensively for months, including reporting on the front page article in the Bulletin about the problems at MVMS.  We have also covered the discussion in town about whether or not New Boston should make different arrangements to educate their middle and high school kids.  There is little to be gained by withholding information that ultimately is believed to protect the source of the problems.  We hope that you will cooperate with this request.


My cell is ###-#### and I’m generaally available to take calls.


Very truly yours,


Rich Girard