Dear Fellow Citizens of Goffstown, New Boston and Dunbarton as well as MVMS staff:

I regret to inform you that 35K of your money has been wasted on the WestEd MVMS Study.  The original Team of citizens that met were informed that the final report needed to go to citizens on the committee and not just directly to the superintendent as she is perceived by staff as being a part of the problem. At the last GSB meeting, Stacy informed the board that the final report would be in her hands by today, 2/22/13. She will not release it publicly until the GSB meeting held on 3/4/13.

The report, therefore, has been compromised and the results can never be accepted without suspicion of being tampered with.  Also, WestEd never held a citizen forum to get feedback from taxpayers, like myself, that wanted to give input.  Also, WestEd did not hold interviews with former staff who have left MVMS for happier places of employment.

It would be helpful at this point to accept Professor Ben Hampton’s offer of doing a study for free. He could limit the scope of his study to the culture and climate at MVMS, interviewing former and current staff members.    

What a travesty to have wasted so much money.





Donna Pinard


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