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Subject: WestEd report
From: <“>rich@girardatlarge.com>;
Date: Mon, February 25, 2013 11:48 am
To: “Stacy Buckley” <“>sbuckley@goffstown.k12.nh.us>;

Hi, Stacy.

I write to request a copy of the report you’d expected to receive from WestEd on Friday regarding their review of Mountain View Middle School.
As you know, the report was paid for with taxpayer funds, making it subject to the Right to Know Law.  While I understand you’ve stated it will not be released to the public until the March 4 School Board meeting, please know that we are unaware of any reason why dissemination of this report to the public would be delayed.  In fact, we believe the citizens of Goffstown are entitled to have the report prior to that meeting so that they may offer comments and ask questions regarding the study during the public comment session.
Therefore, it is requested that this study be forwarded or, at the very least, made available at the school district office immediately, or at least in conformity with the dictates of RSA 91-A.  Should you choose not to release the report, then your immediate reply citing specifically what provision of the law enables your refusal is expected.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
RH Girard