Dubrulle Email Trashes Host, Listeners

Published March 3, 2012 7PM

Goffstown Budget Committee Member Elizabeth Dubrulle was invited to be our guest after unceremoniously trashing both our radio show host Rich Girard and fellow Budget Committee Member John  Burt in a post on the Girard at Large facebook page.

Despite her less than charitable or respectful rant at our expense, we extended an invitation to Ms. Dubrulle to not only be a guest on the show, but also to confront Burt on the “lies” Dubrulle alleged he told while a guest on our January 14th show.

She accepted our invitation to debate, as did Burt, and they battled it out on our February 12th show.

To our face, Dubrulle was gracious and appreciative.  She even agreed to another appearance to finish correcting her laundry list of complaints against information that  Burt spoke on our January 14th show.

However, in an email later that day, Dubrulle said she wouldn’t appear again and was suddenly critical of how the debate between her and Burt was handled.  It was all pretty much downhill from there, with insults hurled against other guests and our audience, never mind the host.

Below is the chain of email as they happened.  We have others where she is equally or even more nasty to others, but that’s their issue, not ours, though we’d be happy to share them to show the broader patter on behavior exhibited by Ms. Dubrulle.

The upshot is this:  Without provocation, we were personally attacked by Elizabeth Dubrulle for giving voice to those she disagreed with.  We gave her an opportunity to say her piece, as we’re want to do.  Her response to our graciousness was to hurl personal attacks against us and insults toward our audience and other guests, exhibiting bizarre behavior that makes us wonder whether on not she forgot to take her meds.

We decided to organize and release this information as a public service to the voters in Goffstown.  They should have the opportunity to see how what Dubrulle says to one’s face isn’t always what she says behind their backs and determine whether or not this is the type of person they want holding elected office.

Email from and to Dubrulle:

2-12-13 2:28pm Dubrulle sends email after appearance on show.pdf

2-12-13 6:09pm my response to Dubrulle’s first email.pdf

2-12-13 8:51pm Dubrulle explains more insults audience.pdf

2-12-13 10:24pm Dubrulle sends an “oh by the way” and corrects her mistaken statements.pdf

2-17-13 Dubrulle attacks John Burt and he responds.pdf

2-19-13 It took a while but i figure out a way to respond to Dubrulle’s bizarre charges.pdf

2-24-13 10:19am GoffstownTodayCom responds to Dubrulle’s facebook attack .pdf

2-24-13 12:27pm Dubrulle attacks while were’nt looking.  We ask for detail .pdf


2-26-13 Dubrulle insults us in response to our request for information about her attacks.pdf

2-27-13 How do I not respond to that attack?.pdf

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